Suggested Progressive Metal Guitar Method

Looking for a progressive metal book with tabs & accompanying backtrack cd? The Progressive Metal Guitar Beginner to Advanced is a well written, easy to follow progressive metal learning set.

It addresses both rhythm and lead guitar techniques and presents crucial know-hows for example hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and tapping. Besides it establishes necessity metal music scales, chords, rhythms and timing, along with music theory. It comprises lots of capital guitar licks and solos and many standard metal sounds. Also including a CD corresponding the lessons and exercises in the book.

If you practice much with the CD, your guitar playing talents will naturally increase.

Progressive Metal Guitar Licks Book

Progressive Heavy Metal Lead Guitar

One of the most appreciated progressive heavy metal guitar lick books.

It contains over 100 licks (some of them are challenging) played by in the style of heavy metal master guitarists. No music theory or note reading needed. 60 minutes audio of licks is shipped with the book as well.

A nice book to improve your metal guitar playing skills.

A Good Progressive Metal Bands Video Compilation

Youtube is now a great source to find and listen most Progressive Rock and Metal songs. I have noticed a good music video of bands like Andromeda, Circus Maximus, Dream Theater, Outworld, Pagan's Mind, Shadow Gallery and Symphony X and the talented musician Jordan Rudess.

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So, what kind of gadgets it protects? Mobile phones, especially iPhone, iPod, laptops, pdas, gaming devices, mp3 players, GPSs and even watches etc. And my superb iPod touch for sure.

Watch the scratch test demonstration video here.

Angular Perceptions from Thought Chamber

Angular PerceptionsAngular Perceptions is a great musical show of brilliant guitar sound and technics, perfect bass and drum basic, jazz and fusion related jamming and solos.

The guitar playing is amazing (absolutely amazing!) and the vocals are soaring. My only concern is that songs are not as much powerful as their virtuosity. But anyway, progressive metal fans should really check this out because it is a high quality impressive debut disc.

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